Meet Colby Martin

Meet Colby Martin.

First, Colby is the father of four boys. Second, he’s the husband of one wife.

Third, he Co-Pastors a church he and his wife started in 2014 called Sojourn Grace Collective (, a progressive Christian church that meets here in North Park.

Fourth, his first book just came out called‚ UnClobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality‚ ( Come celebrate with him here at Union on Friday, Oct 21st at a Book Release Signing Party.

Fifth, he blogs at on issues of faith and culture.

Sixth, he probably makes the best pot of coffee in the office.

Colby has been officing at Union for almost two years now, and loves having the space to work on his sermons, write his book, hold meetings in the conference room, and build relationships with the other CoWorkers.

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